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Our Mission

Our non-profit organization was founded by a group of Asian American college students with diverse business backgrounds that want to bring about positive change to the small business community. SavingTakeouts acknowledge that the restaurant industry has been affected drastically by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and much work will need to be done to restore their livelihoods.

SavingTakeouts’s mission is to provide small businesses a platform to tell their stories beyond their block. Immigrant owned businesses have always found it hard to compete with modern businesses with technological resources. Restaurants that have been in business for decades are rapidly being displaced by gentrification. We believe storytelling and building genuine connections between businesses and consumers through effective marketing will ultimately bring small business brands to new heights.

Business Owners

We love your food too! Here's how we can help.

1) Tell us how we can help

Our representatives will be here to help you with what you need.

2) We'll match you with a specialist

Our team is dedicated to being there for you every step of the way.

3) Get back to your business

We’ll take care of the marketing so you can focus on taking care of the customers coming through your door.

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Whether you're a student or professional, we need your help!

1) Tell us about your expertise

We want to know more about you and what you can bring to the table.

2) We'll match you with a team

You’ll be working on real client work and helping to satisfy their business needs.

3) Gain valuable experience

Add and develop important skills to your professional career while being a part of a startup team culture.

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Website Design & Hosting

Modern website design to showcase your restaurant.


Building an image that best fits your business personality.

Social Media Management

Fostering a genuine relationship with the customers through community engagement.

Content Creation

Generating compelling and vivid media.

Creative Strategy

Optimizing marketing solutions that best align with your story.

Graphic Design

Providing beautiful design work to complement your brand.

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